A binary options affiliate program

Lets you become a company's "non-employee salesperson" rewarding you proportionally to the amount of traffic you bring to their platform.

The Binary Options Affiliate Programs Where You Can Get the Best Result for the User

Binary options are a type of exotic option. This means that the "triggers" that determine the payoff are far more complex than many vanilla options. Although our main focus in this article is the top binary options affiliate programs, we believe that elaborating on this option is necessary prior to any meaningful discussion.

As a future binary affiliate, you should know that binary options work on a "high profit-high risk" principle. That is, you can either earn or lose a lot of money in a short period. Since the factors that determine the outcome are too complex for an unseasoned trader to understand, many consider this form of trading a sort of gambling. However, this comparison is not quite correct because, unlike a game of chance, you will be using data and wits to make a sound decision in the former.

Some binary options affiliate programs offer a better user experience than others, which will ultimately affect your income. Among them, the following are particularly good for both experienced and new binary affiliates.
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Comparative Table of Conditions for Affiliate Programs

The best way to decide between alternative binary options affiliate programs is to compare them. The following table compares three basic factors that binary affiliates care about.
Moreover, the payment options that are available in different binary options affiliate programs may vary from region to region. Online trading affiliates can make use of them too.

Best Binary Options Affiliate Programs 2020 – 2021

The visitor you send and help sign up with the broker is called a "lead". Without special deals, leads alone generate little money for a binary options affiliate. Only when the lead becomes a depositing client will you get a good payback. This way you can make the most of any program you opt for.
Best Binary Options Affiliate Programs
Most of the brokers in the online trading industry have affiliate programs. Vying for the affiliates' traffic, each offers a unique commission structure, which is a big factor that defines the appeal of a program. Since they will come up frequently in our discussion, let's take a look at the most common types of commissions.
Cost per Action
With a CPA plan, you will get a fixed sum for every referred client. It starts at $200 and may be increased to as much as $600 after a long working relationship. This is great if your clients are not very active traders.
Revenue Share
Revshare is less common but has the potential to yield more profit for the binary affiliate, who will essentially get a percentage of every profit the client makes. The share is usually 20-50% of the broker's cut in the client's profit.
It is a combination of the previous two schemes and varies from program to program.
In the end, the best financial affiliates know their needs and can negotiate the most appropriate commission structure with the broker.

List of Binary Options Affiliate Programs

As already mentioned, there are numerous binary options affiliate programs that you can choose from. In this part of the article, we will mention some of our top picks.
IQ Option is one of (if not the) best choice for almost all people looking to get into online trading. So, we believe that it deserves a separate section of its own, which will be given later in the article. Our next top six choices are as follows.

This platform was founded in 1999, which makes it one of the oldest players in the industry. Their online trading affiliate program is almost just as old. Due to their years of experience, they enjoy a good reputation and popularity.

2. Binary Cent

Binary Cent
This is a young company as it was established recently in 2017. Its operations are managed by a subsidiary of Finance Group Corp.'s, Cent Projecte Ltd. The offices are located mainly in Vanuatu. Actually, around 99% of binary options affiliate programs are provided by offshore brokers.

3. Ayrex

Established in 2014, Ayrex is managed by Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. The headquarters is in St, Kitts and Nevis. It is an award-winning trading site that operates on a global level. However, its services are unavailable in some countries, such as the US, Iraq, and North Korea.

4. Option Field

Option Field
This company was started in 2017, and, by January 2018, it already had a long waiting list of investors. Its motto is to provide a better and supportive environment for their financial affiliates and clients alike. This fintech company also provides custom trading systems for money managers and other brokers.

5. Nadex

North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex) is a US-based company. It was launched in 2004 and was originally named HedgeStreet. IG Group acquired it for six million dollars and renamed it in 2009. Only after this transition were binary options made available to the clients as a trading tool.

6. HighLow

This broker is based in Australia and offers one of the more unique binary options affiliate programs. It uses a tabbed layout for its trader interface and focuses mainly on forex options. MarketPulse provides High Low its trading platform, which is less popular but easier to use than that of SpotOption.
Although all of the above-mentioned brokers are well-reputed, it is up to you to decide which of their programs best suits your needs. HighLow's simple interface is good for beginners to train on, while's popularity makes it easier to market.

Main Features of Binary Options Affiliate Programs

Now that we have given you a brief introduction to our top choices, let's delve into the details of their distinctive features. As a financial affiliate, this will help you choose the company you will be working with.
  • This program is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Vanuatu.
  • You can trade across numerous assets.
  • It offers fast withdrawal processing (within an hour).
  • Trading can be done even on the weekends.
  • There is a wide selection of methods for deposits and withdrawals.
  • It offers 100% data protection and security.
  • Multilingual customer support is available.
  • The platform processes upwards of 10,000 transactions daily.
  • Payouts of up to 95% are possible.
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  • There is a selection of more than 60 unique assets.
  • It offers several short-term trades.
  • It has some of the highest payouts.
  • You will be paid commissions on a weekly basis.
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What Makes Affiliate Binary Options Programs Attractive

Binary options programs offer you to earn a significant sum in a short period of time. However, the appeal of specific programs is the result of the following factors.
Good Reputation
The rep of binary options affiliate programs says a lot about their operations. It gives you a vague idea of the atmosphere of their platforms and how happy their affiliates are with their policies. Many websites keep tabs on the activities of such corporations and you can refer to their resources for some insight. A good reputation attracts people who are looking for a stable and hassle-free source of income.
Deposit and Withdrawal Methods
The variety of transaction methods available on a platform often is a make-or-break feature for many potential affiliates. Some countries do not have particular payment options and many clients might not trust other forms of transaction. If a broker offers a wide range of ways to deposit and withdraw funds, it is sure to appeal to a wider demographic.
Accessory Services
The core service a binary options affiliate program provides is the commission for every lead you generate. They are not obligated to do anything more. However, the provision of additional services like customizable tools, bonuses, and great customer support can take the company a long way in terms of attracting public interest.
In addition to these factors, multinational presence and regulation by trusted authorities also grant such programs credibility and trustworthiness.

IQ Option Affiliate Program Overview

RIQ Option was founded in 2013 by Dmitry Zaretsky. Now, with over 48 million users, it is one of the biggest online trading platforms. It is but natural that its binary options affiliate program is equally successful.
IQ Option Affiliate Program
Their program offers the following features that set it apart from the rest.
Realtime Analytics
There are many data filters you can use to get the info you need. Analyze that data in real-time. Make useful reports and study trends to make informed decisions.
Payment Options
IQ option automatically transacts your earnings to your preferred account on a bimonthly basis.
Universal Links
All you need to do is send the potential client to the relevant page. IQ option will detect the user's location, language, and other available info to customize the page for them.
No Negative Balance
There are no balance deductions. So, you can avoid most of the risk associated with binary options, and earn consistent profits.
Multiple Languages
To accommodate the millions of users that visit their platform from 175 different countries, IQ Option supports 13 languages.
Cross-Platform Support
Be it a PC or a smartphone, you can direct traffic from all sources. The website and mobile app make it both easy and effective.
Commission Structure
This binary options affiliate program lets you choose between revshare (up to 50%) and CPA (up to $1,200 per lead). According to estimates, they pay an average of three million dollars to all their affiliates collectively in a month.
You can receive payouts of up to 91% of your investment.
Risk Management
Stop Loss and Trailing Stop save both new and old clients a ton of money by limiting the loss they incur on a trade.
IQ Option is regulated by Cypress Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC), which only adds to the platform's legitimacy.
If you plan to become a binary affiliate, do consider giving IQ Option a go. The services it offers will take your trading experience to a whole new level!