Crypto affiliate programs

let you take advantage of the rapidly growing digital currency market – earn by helping your audience satiate their increasing appetite for crypto!

List of Best-Paying Crypto Affiliate Programs

Crypto Affiliate Program
Cryptocurrency is the popular name for any form of virtual or digital currency. Unlike traditional physical currency, it is almost impossible to counterfeit due to two reasons: cryptography and blockchain technology.

Cryptography refers to the software tools used to encrypt crypto transactions. Blockchain is a decentralized ledger system wherein the transactional data is stored on multiple, independent computers. Since these monetary "tokens" are not issued by state authorities, the government has little influence on the value and use of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto affiliate programs represent a sort of performance-based marketing for these digital assets. In return, the merchant pays the affiliate a commission. The relationship between the two is not an employer-employee one, but that of partners. Thus, such programs are also called associate programs. The following are some of the best crypto affiliate programs out there.
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Comparative Table of the Most Profitable Programs

We have already listed the main features of our best crypto affiliate programs. However, the picture becomes clear only when they are compared side by side.

Pros & Cons of Each Programs

As you might have noticed, the top crypto affiliate programs do differ in minor detail, but the commission rates are quite close to one another and the industry average.
Each of these programs has unique offers in terms of commissions and responsibilities. However, in most of them, there are four common elements, which are given below.
The brand or advertiser that starts the crypto currency affiliate program.
The platform where different merchants post the offers of their programs.
The publisher of the actual ad for the merchant's product.
The "lead" that comes to the merchant due to the affiliate's marketing.
In addition to these, super financial affiliates, online trading agencies, and third parties may also operate in the same infrastructure. This just goes to show that crypto exchange affiliates have a lot of diverse options to choose from when looking for the right affiliate program.

Best Crypto Affiliate Programs 2020-2021

Now, let us take a deeper look into the features of the best crypto affiliate programs. Bear in mind that this ranking is merely our opinion and may differ from the views of others.

1. IQ Option

IQ Option Affiliate Program
It was established in 2013 in Limassol and is regulated by CySEC. Specializing in financial services, this global company has made a huge name for itself in a relatively short time. IQ Option can be accessed via both a web browser and a mobile app. With support for thirteen languages, it caters to the needs of all its online trading affiliates regardless of their location.

2. LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program
It is a Finnish company that was founded in 2012. It is often called the "Craigslist" of Bitcoins. Since it is a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace, it allows people to communicate and trade directly. However, it has been observed that scammers find their way onto this platform more easily because anyone can become a seller. Its wide reach and numerous payment methods make it an attractive choice.

3. Altrady

Altrady Affiliate Program
It is a software company based in the Hague. It has been operational since 2017 and also provides crypto and fintech services. The reason it made it onto our list of top crypto affiliate programs was because of its innovative features. It provides additional tools that are rarely seen in other, more typical programs. It makes online trading easy by integrating smart trading options into its system.

4. Coinbase

Coinbase Affiliate Program
It is a digital currency wallet service that started in 2012. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptos. Being a mainstream crypto exchange in the United States, it is licensed and regulated by trusted authorities. Although the fees can be higher than others, Coinbases's security features have earned it a loyal client base nonetheless.

5. Changelly

Changelly Affiliate Program
It is a one-stop-shop for all things crypto. Started back in 2015, it now offers upwards of 160 cryptocurrencies. For financial affiliates, this alone is a hugely marketable feature. Its Changelly PRO version makes crypto exchange even more hassle-free and quick. Still, even the standard version does not compromise on convenience, speed, and security.

6. Binance

Binance Affiliate Program
It is a crypto exchange based in the Cayman Islands. It was launched in 2017. Growing at light speed, it became the largest exchange of its kind by April 2021 in terms of the trading volume. Binance has the world's leading blockchain infrastructure and provides many extra resources as well: finance, data analytics, education, incubation, and so on.

7. Gemini

Gemini Affiliate Program
It is a New York-based trust company that is regulated by the NYDFS. Established in 2014, it now offers its services in around 50 countries. Gemini is also the first licensed Zcash exchange in the world. With a complex system of passwords and private keys, it keeps your digital assets safe. The crypto affiliate program is also robust and lucrative.
Whenever you deal with money online or otherwise, the priority should be the reliability of your partners. All the above platforms are quite reliable and do not give you trouble when it comes to payments. Still, the payment schedules of some might suit you better than others.

Cryptocurrency Mining Affiliate Programs

Cryptocurrency mining is a way to earn crypto without exchanging another currency for it. You essentially provide the computing power of your PC to verify transactions and contribute to the blockchain. In return, you are rewarded with crypto.
Crypto currency affiliate programs often come in the form of mining affiliate programs. That is, instead of doing general marketing, your job will be to convince people to invest in crypto mining. In this regard, crypto exchange affiliates find the following programs most appealing.

1. Hashflare

Hashflare Mining Program
The commissions are based on a revshare of 10% and also an equal lifetime revshare. It offers cloud mining services and accepts Visa, Mastercard, and WebMoney.

2. Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining Program
The exact commission structure is yet to be confirmed; however, there is no one-time commission. It gives cloud bitcoin mining contracts. The acceptable transaction methods are credit card, Visa, and bank wire.

3. MinerGate

MinerGate mining Program
It offers a revshare of 30% and a lifetime revshare of 30-75%. It lets you mine some less popular cryptocurrencies, such as Dashcoin and MonetaVerde, as well.

4. Eobot

Eobot mining Program
The commission structure consists of 1% revshare, but no one-time commission and lifetime revshare. Payouts can be obtained in any crypto coin Eobot supports.

5. NiceHash

NiceHash mining Program
This hashing power marketplace allows quick and easy procurement of hashing power from miners. The revshare for financial affiliates is 5%.
Although crypto mining has long been rumored to be in decline as a source of income, crypto affiliates can find profitable opportunities in this part of the online trading industry.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

To conclude this article, we will talk about the boons and drawbacks of crypto currency affiliate programs in general. So, without further ado, let's dive in!
Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs


Invest Less, Earn More
This line of work requires virtually no investment, only hard work. In return, your commissions will scale with your marketing efforts.
No Need to Be an Expert
You do not need to be a pro marketer to pull this off. You just need to see what your audience likes and then sign up with the appropriate crypto affiliate programs.
Secondary Income
If you already have a steady income, this type of marketing will bring in some extra (but always welcome) cash. You do not even have to dedicate a lot of hours to it.
Passive Income
Once your website gains popularity, you will be making money even as you sleep. People will go through your content and open the affiliate link without you having to advertise the merchant repeatedly.
Since the merchant is not your boss, but a partner, you will not be obligated to meet a certain marketing goal by a certain time. You can make your own schedule and devise your own strategy.
Relieved of Customer Service
You will not have to deal with the customers' issues and complaints. That duty is taken over by the merchant.
Performance-Based Reward
The harder you work, the more money you will make. If your ads are working, you will get the commissions for your leads. If not, you will not make a profit. This might help keep you motivated.


Lack of Control of the Program
An online trading affiliate does not own the program. Since there are a limited number of such crypto affiliate programs in the market, you will have to abide by the terms of the one you choose.
You will have many others vying for the same spot as you. This competition can sometimes become frustrating and toxic.
No Customers of Your Own
When you redirect a customer (lead) to the merchant, the lead will visit the merchant directly next time. Thus, your own website will not be revisited. You will essentially be stagnating your customer base.
Problems of Working Remotely
Remote work can become really isolating really fast. Since affiliate marketing is kind of like remote freelance work, you might end up feeling bored, uninspired, and demotivated.
Quantity Over Quality
Many affiliates start doing excessive, annoying, in-the-face, and often false marketing to attract as many leads as possible. However, this often deters customers from visiting the merchant's site.
Hijacked Affiliate Links
Although rare, a hacker can hijack a link. In such cases, the financial affiliate's commission is instead received by the hijacker. Once transacted, the money is almost impossible to retrieve.
Unsteady Income
Your marketing efforts may not always pay off. Marketing is a sort of business after all. You might not incur a loss, but your income can drop quite low sometimes. So, keeping a small sum aside for a rainy day is always a good idea.
We hope that we were able to answer most of your questions through this article of ours. However, if you are still confused and do not know which program to opt for, we urge you to go and check out IQ Option's affiliate program. It's bound to make you a successful crypto exchange affiliate.