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List of the Most Popular Fintech Affiliate Programs

With e-commerce proving to be the new big thing, almost all forms of online trading are also becoming ever more lucrative. The financial sector has also taken advantage of this boom by investing in fintech resources. However, marketing remains a core need of every company – big and small. Fintech affiliate programs are a solution to this very problem.

Online trading affiliates are an inexpensive and effective way to increase the popularity of a fintech platform. It is this fact that prompted many big banks to increase their affiliate marketing budgets by over 2% of overall digital advertisement expenses.

Fintech affiliates are paid according to their performance. This encourages them to market the services of their partners more vigorously. Financial affiliates, thus, help companies reach a larger and higher-quality audience. Also, the fintech firms will only need to pay for desired results and not ineffective advertising. To reap such benefits, some firms offer better programs than others. The following are some of the many options out there.

Later in this article, we will delve into the details of our top picks and compare their salient features.

    Fintech Affiliate Programs

    Fintech is an acronym for Financial Technology. It is an umbrella term that refers to the modern tools used for the improvement and automation of financial operations. Affiliate marketing helps further these developmental goals.
    Fintech Affiliate Program
    Fintech affiliate programs not only create earning opportunities for online trading entrepreneurs but also help a company extend its services to more people. These programs were popularized for the first time in 1996, when Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, used them for the marketing of his platform. As an example of the effectiveness of this strategy, note that Amazon is now the largest trading site in the world and currently has more than 500,000 fintech affiliates.

    Affiliate programs are also called associate programs because both parties reap benefits in this sort of marketing. Every potential client that an affiliate sends to the fintech site is called a "lead". For every lead (or every lead that invests a certain minimum amount), the affiliate gets a commission. The exact amount of this commission varies from program to program.

    Getting financial affiliates is a good way to increase your company's popularity. Since affiliates get paid only when they generate leads, they will work harder to optimize their advertising efforts. Generous commissions make the plan all the more appealing. In this regard, it is important to know about the parties that are involved in a fintech affiliate program transaction, which are as follows.

    • The client or lead
    • The online trading affiliate's site
    • The fintech company's site

    Something so amazing about such a program is that the above-mentioned parties are like "partners" in a business. The company and its affiliates make it possible for the client to conduct trades. On the other hand, when the client earns a profit, so do the other two.
    Fintech affiliate programs are especially helpful for websites that do not directly partake in e-commerce themselves, i.e., they do not have online shops or outlets. For them, becoming financial affiliates is a good way to generate revenue.

    A Comparison of the Programs

    In order to highlight the main features of our favorite fintech affiliate programs, we think that it would be best to conduct a comparison. Not only will this simplify the discussion but it will also enable you to decide on your top pick easily.

    Pros & Cons of Each Programs

    • Can be accessed through
    • Affiliate payouts are tiered
    • High transparency
    • Split commissions

    • High administration fees
    • Only offers personal loans
    • High interest rates deter leads
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    • Great user experience
    • Focus on sustainability (They even have a Green Card.)
    • Likely to continue operation long into the future as it has expanded gradually and steadily

    • Subscription-only accounts for clients
    • Charges on receiving payments from non-SEPA banks
    • Average customer service
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    This table is merely a summary of the salient features of this program. To get a more detailed description of the advantages each offers to their fintech affiliates, do refer to their official resources.

    How to Choose the Right Program

    There are so many fintech affiliate programs out there. For an aspiring online trading affiliate, choosing between them can be a daunting task. Well, fret not! The following tips will make this decision a breeze.
    Know your product
    It is very hard to convince others to do something if you do not know exactly what it is. As a fintech affiliate, you should try out (if possible) the product you are marketing. See if you like it yourself and if it's worth promoting. If this is not feasible, at least read on it and do thorough research.
    Make sure it fits within your niche
    Your audience will pay heed to your opinion only when they consider you an authority on the matter. If you specialize in real-estate and try to market the services of a fintech firm, it will not only seem odd but also look like "bought praise".
    Keep an eye on the competitors
    If you are already an affiliate of a company, there is no harm in looking for better opportunities. Competitors offer similar products (that fit in your niche) and competitive commissions.
    Cater to your audience
    What you promote should be liked by your audience. Asking uninterested persons to give fintech trading a go will only be a waste of your time. Check which firm offers the features the visitors of your site are interested in.
    Check the commission structure
    Since commissions will be your source of income, this part of a fintech affiliate program is the most important. Although revshare has the potential to be more profitable, you should go for CPA plans if your leads are not going to trade a lot.
    Never compromise on quality
    Your audience should be your priority. It is your moral responsibility to associate with trustworthy and legit fintech platforms so that the leads do not end up disappointed.
    Make customer support a priority
    Customer support is a crucial feature nowadays. A partner with responsive and polite customer support will benefit both you and the clients.
    Sign up with well-reputed platforms
    Whenever it comes to monetary matters, we always emphasize the significance of trust. The best financial affiliate programs are backed by strong authorities, which enforce strict regulations. With them, you can rest easy and not worry about payments and security.
    Besides doing all this, we also recommend getting the opinions of others in the field, especially the ones you know well and have worked with in the past.

    The Most Profitable Programs

    The selection of the most profitable programs will be quite arbitrary. It all boils down to your own capabilities, criteria, and limitations.
    The most profitable affiliate programs
    In our opinion all of the fintech affiliate programs that have already been mentioned earlier can earn you hefty profits if you know how to make the best use of them. But, as is the case with all kinds of trading, your intuition and wits play a huge role in your success.

    Large commission percentages can only take you so far. The bulk of your earnings will depend on the net traffic you provide. With enough traffic, an online trading affiliate can get a lot of money even if the commission rates are relatively low. Thus, your ability to market services, and not necessarily the affiliate program itself, will mostly determine the volume of your profit.

    Below, we have compiled some tips on maximizing your profits in this line of work.
    Find your niche and interests and promote relevant services
    Start blogging or uploading videos on YouTube to expand your reach
    Try to attract an audience prior to (not during) actually marketing for the company
    Research and check out different types of programs before settling on one
    Create affiliate links and add them in places where they're more likely to be opened
    Pay attention to SEO optimization to rank higher among search results
    Look at statistics to find out what piques your viewers' interest
    Keep a record of all your leads and how many of them became registered clients
    Create a community around your platform and make it accommodating for all kinds of people
    We're not saying that you should choose any program at random, only that what comes after it is equally (if not more) important in terms of monetary gains.

    Conclusions from the Conducted Review of Financial Affiliate Programs

    Every fintech affiliate program has its strengths and weaknesses. Some offer better commissions while others prioritize customer support and educational resources.
    Fintech affiliates greatly reduce the advertising burden of a company and help it to become known among a wider demographic. As social media and online trading platforms gain increasing traction, the effectiveness of such types of marketing is also improving. However, how a fintech company approaches this "opportunity" is quite variable and is reflected in its fintech affiliate program.

    From our in-depth review of the major programs, it can be concluded that all six of them are safe bets for both old and new online trading affiliates. They guarantee not only good commissions but also the safety of the referred clients' assets. IQ Option is a great choice for those who proceed with a great deal of circumspection as many guides and reviews have been written for the platform.

    The transparency of Avant and Revolut put the minds of paranoid clients at ease. Moreover, Bunq and Degiro are great for financial affiliates who value convenience above everything else. Fintel Connect's well-regulated and well-managed infrastructure is quite appealing to certain people as well.
    To put it in a nutshell, our best advice is to think hard before taking any major monetary step. You should first assess your own situation and then check its compatibility with the terms in the fintech affiliate program. We hope this suggestion takes you far in your marketing career.
    While you are thinking, please check out IQ Option's excellent affiliate program here!